October 14, 2021

LCC/USHCC National Conference Recap Video

On September 26, 2021 an incredible gathering began in Las Vegas. A group of Hispanic Chambers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and more, came together to conduct business, network, grow and celebrate. For the Latin Chamber of Commerce, this gathering called the USHCC National Conference, was a historic moment for the LCC. It will leave an impact for years to come. We thank the USHCC Board of Directors and Ramiro Cavazos, for taking a chance on us and on Las Vegas. The "record" will reflect, that it superseded all expectations. I also thank the Latin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and our Chairman, Andres Estrada, for all of the support. To my incredible staff of the LCC and LCC Ambassadors, your commitment is so appreciated. Lastly, Thank you Las Vegas. You responded as you always do, the best Sports Hospitality & Entertainment City in the World.