Position Statements

Approved by the LCC Board of Directors on August 26, 2010


The LVLCC believes in the right to an equal opportunity to a primary education for all children. We support the funding of English acquisition programs in primary education as well as education programs that help low-income high school students make a successful transition to postsecondary education.

We believe that education increases the ability and motivation of residents to take part in civic and community life and that it positively impacts psychological well-being as well as social understanding and inclusiveness. We believe a more fully developed education system improves the quality of our workforce and represents the key to Nevadaís economic strength and diversification.

Through various initiatives including the annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference, the Annual Scholarship Luncheon and the Summer Work Experience and Employment Training (SWEET) Program, the LVLCC believes it is improving graduation rates, decreasing drop-out rates and closing the achievement gap of Hispanic students in Nevada.


The LVLCC supports a comprehensive and balanced reform of our nationís immigration laws. We believe that any legislation must recognize the significant contributions of all immigrants to the growth of the U.S. economy and the enrichment of our society.

We are advocates for an immigration policy that provides for a strong and accountable guest worker program, establishes conditions for earned legalization with a pathway to citizenship, adopts a non-discriminatory program for strengthening our borders, acknowledges the need for effective homeland security, enforces immigration laws, reunites families and ensures that every eligible student is granted access to a quality postsecondary education as outlined in the DREAM Act.

Nevada Redistricting

The LVLCC firmly believes that the right of U.S. citizens to vote not be denied or abridged on account of race, gender or color as guaranteed by the Constitution. The LVLCC also firmly believes in the need to equalize the population of voting districts within Nevada as required by law.

As an organization that is actively involved in and supportive of the business, social and cultural activities of Hispanics in Southern Nevada, we have closely followed the explosive growth of the Hispanic population and the many ways it contributes to the diversity and vigor of our state.

While many interests are at stake during the implementation of a redistricting plan, we firmly believe that any plan must be thoughtful, just and sensitive in observing the voices of a growing Hispanic community so that the long struggle to obtain political parity and opportunity is not denied or abridged, and to enable the interests of this community to continue to be heard at the state and federal level.

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