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HealthCare Partners of Nevada

Sherif Abdou, MD

President of Desert Region


770 East Warm Springs Road # 240

Las Vegas, NV  89119


(p) (702) 932-8500

The Puerto Rican Association of Las Vegas

Ana Acevedo

Vice President


P.O. Box 30335

Las Vegas, NV  89173-0335


(p) (702) 217-4504
(f) (702) 638-0941

City of Las Vegas

Scott Adams

Chief Urban Redevelopment Officer


495 South Main Street

Las Vegas, NV  89101


(p) (702) 229-6501
(f) (702) 388-1807

Individual Director

Alan Aleman


3039 Crawford Street

North Las Vegas, NV  89030


(p) (702) 806-2669

By Design

Brijette Alex Jackson



901 Grier Drive

Las Vegas, NV  89119


(p) (702) 952-9258
(f) 1-888-855-7521

Nevada State Development Corporation

Debra Alexandre

Senior Vice President


1551 Desert Crossing Court Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV  89144


(p) (702) 877-9111
(f) (702) 877-2803


Joe Alvarado

Chair Children`s Outreach Clinic


P.O. Box 81836

Las Vegas, NV  89180


(p) (702) 382-5554
(f) (702) 382-2612

National Latino Peace Officer Association - Las Vegas, NV Chapter

Marco Alvarado

Las Vegas, NV Chapter President


P.O. Box 271477

Las Vegas, NV  89116



Peruvian Association of Las Vegas

Arturo G. Amaya



6185 S. Pecos Rd. Suite 176

Las Vegas, NV  89120


(p) (702) 606-5411

Amen Law Office, PLLC

Carmen Amen



65 South Escondido Street, Suite C

Las Vegas, NV  89119


(p) (702) 939-1605